MOGO Capital Consulting offers a wide range of customizable consulting services and solutions which are tailored specifically to balance the scale for community bank holding companies and their capital structure needs.

• Review and analysis of Balance Sheet
   o Specific recommendations on Asset and Liability disposition
   o Equity recommendations
      • Tier 1
      • Tier 2
      • Other
• Asset/Liability Matched Sale
     o Comprehensive strategy to reduce community bank balance sheet
      size thus increasing capital percentage
     o Through our extensive contacts we can match the sale of
      Loans and Deposits

• Represent your company in negotiations
     o Provide Fairness / Valuation reports
     o Refer to potential M & A partners
Holding Company
• Review and analysis of Balance Sheet
   o Valuation at bank and holding company
• Equity restructure
   o Level the playing field for current shareholders looking
   for potentially dilutive new capital
• Equity settlement
• Debt restructure
   o Negotiate out of Bankruptcy options for debt restructure
• Debt settlement
   o “Trust Prefered Ofer of Compromise Program”
      o Attempted Location of Trust Preferred Securities
      o Possible interest forgiveness or principal reduction
• New Capital Consulting
   o Work with existing Capital Program
   o Create new Capital Program
• Consider BOLI csv to Tier 1 Program